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Surrogacy in Sinaloa

The state of Sinaloa faces the Pacific Ocean, and it is approximately 1,200 kilometers northwest of Mexico City. The state of Sinaloa has a legal framework for surrogacy enacted in 2013. Surrogacy contracts are valid in this state, and pre-birth order is possible. What this means is that an intended parent can obtain an authorization from the court before embryo transfer. When a favorable court ruling is obtained, the intended parent can obtain a birth certificate with only their name(s) on it without having to undergo an Amparo trial. An Amparo trial typically takes between one and two months; without this trial, an intended parent may be able to leave Mexico faster.

Which agencies are operating in Sinaloa?

The following surrogacy agencies are operating in the state of Sinaloa.

  • GSM Corporativo

Can foreign intended parents pursue surrogacy in Sinaloa?

Yes, foreign intended parents can pursue surrogacy in Sinaloa. The state law for surrogacy in Sinaloa technically prohibits surrogacy by foreign intended parents. However, the constitution in Mexico does not allow discrimination on the basis of nationality. This has been confirmed in the Supreme Court ruling in 2021, which found that

  • All intended parents have the right to form a family through assisted reproduction technology regardless of the sexual orientation, marital status, or national fertility.
  • Agencies may facilitate a surrogacy agreement between a surrogate and an intended parent.
  • Parental filiation of children born through surrogacy should be correctly identified.

Many foreign intended parents have successfully completed a surrogacy journey in the state of Sinaloa. If you want to get a pre-birth order before an embryo transfer takes place, the state of Sinaloa may be a good place to do surrogacy in.

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