About Surrogacy Miracles & About Me

I started Surrogacy Miracles blog because I wanted to better inform intended parents about doing surrogacy in Mexico. I am an intended parent currently undergoing surrogacy in Mexico. When I started researching about surrogacy in Mexico, I wanted to know about which agencies were reputable, what the exit processes were, what the surrogates were like, among other things. The research wasn’t easy because there was a lack of accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive information on the internet. It seemed that what was on agencies’ websites were very similar, almost copy & paste. Mostly, it was about how Mexico was great and everything was legal. I wanted real, on-the-ground information and I couldn’t find it. Only when I started talking to fellow intended parents for months did I understand what the picture was really like in Mexico.

I am currently at the middle stage of my surrogacy journey. I’ve been to Mexico, visited my clinic, talked to the doctor, met a fellow intended parent who is now a friend, was burned by an agency, switched my agency, and selected an egg donor for IVF. I am also running a couple of Facebook groups of 1,000+ members, dedicated to helping intended parents. I love Mexico City and I can imagine welcoming my child there. The surrogacy picture is definitely not as rosy as what agencies like to make, but it is a good destination for intended parents who are not millionaires (if you are a millionaire, please go to the US for surrogacy). I am putting my research in this blog in the hope that other intended parents have an easier time navigating the intricacy of a surrogacy journey in Mexico.

Rick Zhang

May 12th, 2024