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Unbiased Info on Surrogacy in Mexico

for intended parents

Why Surrogacy in Mexico?

Why I like Mexico as My Surrogacy Destination

There are several countries where an intended parent can pursue surrogacy. However, many intended parents including myself have chosen Mexico for many reasons, including the following.

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    Politically Stable and Safe

    Mexico is a democratic country with stable government. Also, many fertility clinics specializing in surrogacy are located in safe, tourist-friendly regions.

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    More Affordable than Surrogacy in the US

    The cost of surrogacy in Mexico is approximately half of surrogacy in the United States due to lower cost of living and lower medical costs in Mexico.

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    World-class Fertility Expertise

    Mexico is home to highly skilled doctors specializing in fertility, surrogacy, and OB/GYN. Many doctors in Mexico have received their training in the U.S. and Europe.

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    Surrogacy is Backed By Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court ruling in 2021 guarantees the availability of surrogacy to anyone who wants it, whether they are foreigners or LGBTQ+.

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    LGBTQ+-friendly Surrogacy

    Because of the Supreme Court ruling in 2021, people of LGBTQ+ can build family through surrogacy in Mexico.

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    Proximity to the United States and Canada

    It takes only 2 to 4 hours to fly from the United States to Mexico, 4 to 5 hours from Canada, making Mexico one of the most accessible destination for people in these countries.

5 Steps in Surrogacy

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Step in Surrogacy 1: Find the Right Agency or Clinic

The very first step is to find the right agency or clinic with whom you want to take the surrogacy

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Step in Surrogacy 2a: Create Your Embryos for Surrogacy

After you have signed up with an agency, the next step is to get your embryos to a fertility clinic

Shipment of embryos

Step in Surrogacy 2b: Ship Your Embryos for Surrogacy

If you already have some embryos made in your home country, then you’ll need to ship them to your Mexican

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Step in Surrogacy 3: Surrogate Matching and Embryo Transfer

After you have your high-quality embryos in your clinic in Mexico, it is time to find a surrogate, a woman who

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Step in Surrogacy 4: Pregnancy and Birth

If your surrogate’s pregnancy is confirmed by hCG test, congratulations! You are almost there in welcoming your own child into

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Step in Surrogacy 5: Exit Process

Updated July 19th, 2024: Length of time for Amparo trials If you have welcomed your surrogacy baby in Mexico, you

Are You LGBTQ+?

You can still have a baby!

For those who are LGBTQ+, surrogacy may be the only option for having a child. It is possible and it has been done.

IVF procedure

Medical FAQs

Medical aspects of surrogacy in Mexico

Read the frequently asked questions by those who want to do IVF and surrogacy in Mexico.

Legal and Insurance FAQs

Legal aspects of surrogacy in Mexico

Read the frequently asked questions by those who are concerned about the legal aspects of surrogacy in Mexico.

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Tips for Intended Parents

Useful tips and tricks

Find useful tips and tricks that can help intended parents make their surrogacy journey smoother and save money.